Intervista con Paolo Bolognesi, studente di Wall Street English Milano Cadorna

Pubblicato il 08/02/16 12.24

Ogni persona ha i propri sogni, i propri obiettivi, le proprie sfide e per noi di Wall Street English Milano Cadorna è sempre un piacere poter condividere con i nostri studenti i loro percorsi e successi. Le opinioni degli studenti sono per noi fondamentali e per questo motivo abbiamo deciso di condividere la storia di Paolo, facendoci raccontare il suo percorso e la sua esperienza con l’inglese. Paolo ci ha parlato dell'importanza che ha per lui questa lingua, di quali sono i suoi obiettivi e del ruolo dell'inglese nella sua vita.

Lasciamo la parola a Paolo, in English of course!

I started studying English when I went to Junior School and then in all the schools that followed. I have never been abroad to do any courses so I felt like I was missing something that could help my career.

I started attending Wall Street English one year ago and I started to enjoy studying English and I decided to go to Dublin for 3 weeks to try out what I had learned. It is an experience I would like to repeat this year.

I intend to go on improving my English, as being proficient in this language has become a fundamental qualification for any career with growth prospects in real estate in important international companies. Indeed, a high level of the language can be the deciding element that gets you the job! The real Estate sector has seen the arrival of prominent global investors during the last two years that demand consultants with more than adequate language skills.

My objectives in English are to become as fluent as possible because I try to obtain the best results in everything I do and because I would like to be able to visit many places around the world and to be able to share my experiences and culture with the people I meet. To do this I must express myself and understand others well. I would also like to work abroad for a period of time (I really liked Dublin and they have a very healthy real estate market there – my line of business ). I’m not really interested in working in London as there are already a lot of Italians there and the city is so big, while Dublin is more similar to Milan in terms of size.

Since starting to study English at WSE, I have also started to watch TV series in the original language. It is quite difficult so I usually watch it in Italian first, then in English, but without subtitles.

English learning is a long-term project for me. I began 18 months ago immediately after finishing university when I could finally concentrate fully on this aspect of my education. At this point, I would say I am at 50% of where I would like to be, but I am very confident that I will reach my goal!

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