Vi Presentiamo Laura, da Wall Street Institute Monza a New York!

Pubblicato il 28/01/14 12.41

Tutti hanno un sogno, qualcosa da realizzare, qualcosa in cui credere e come tutti anche Laura, studentessa del centro Wall Street Institute di Monza che ha deciso di trasformare il suo in realtà. Laura sogna di vivere a New York e ha accettato di rispondere a qualche domanda, rigorosamente in inglese, dove condivide con noi la sua esperienza e ci da qualche consiglio su come raggiungere i proprio obbiettivi.

What is your long-term dream?

I want to live in New York. And I have to admit that this open-minded mentality is due to WSE because before 2008, I didn’t think I would ever move to another country. But English has opened my mind to the opportunity to go abroad. This school, I’m not exaggerating, changed a lot of my points of view. English is able to give you the possibility to see the world, to use the Internet, to read, to know a lot of things that only with your own language you can’t.

What is your goal now?

My goal is to get a place in a university in the United States to do the LLM program, a Master of Laws degree, which lasts nine months. After this program I will be able to sit the bar exam.

Why did you start to learn English?

For my job because I used to work for an international company. But now I study for my pleasure. I decided to continue studying English because I love to travel and with English you can go everywhere and speak with anyone in the world, and I can read every kind of website. So for my general everyday life. English is not important for the job I’m doing now.

What advice would you give a student starting a course now? What are some good study habits?

I think it’s important to have a correct rhythm of study, doing online lessons and complementary classes every week. If you maintain this rhythm of study you can reach your objective. But you have to study and do your homework too. In my opinion it’s important to do the online lessons at school, not at home. If you come to the centre you can speak English at the coffee machine, with the staff and other you enter into a different environment.

Did you give yourself goals all the time to help you reach your dream?

Yes, in general I have this characteristic. When I was at university it was the same for me – if I don’t have a plan, I can’t realise how much time I need to reach my goal.

You certainly have come a long way from Survival to Milestone!

I’ve continued studying here because I trust this method. And it’s true that my life has changed with this school and everyone here. I love it. For me it’s a family.      

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