10 things that can happen if you fall in love at work

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Has it ever happened to you that your heart bumped stronger at your office? According to statistics many of us fall in love when at work. It’s not that surprising- we spend a third of our lives at work! What positive and negative things can happen if you fall in love with your colleague?

5 positive aspects

  1. You get more creative

That’s how love works! You become more creative, energetic and you feel the need to create, act and live!

  1. The atmosphere at work gets better

The people who are in love become nicer which can begin the spiral of positivity. You are nice to Marco, Marco to Luisa, Luisa to George and so on.

  1. Better communication

Especially when your partner  works in a different department. For example- if you have someone in accountancy you know when the invoice is going to be paid!

  1. More time together

Nowadays we work 8-10 hours a day so your love life suffers. If you and your partner work together you can have lunch with them, go out for a coffee or commute together. As a result you spend more time together.

  1. You are more loyal

From your boss’s perspective, if they accept relationships at work, you become more loyal to the company (as long as you are together). You associate your company with a positive place where magic happens!





5 negative aspects

  1. Rumors

When you start flirting and dating and nobody in your office knows, chances are people start talking and relationships with your colleagues change. Especially if one of you has a higher position. If not- your colleagues might think that you only protect and help one another.

  1. Complications

An affair at work leads to  complicated relationships. Especially if the love doesn’t work out and you decide to break up. In these cases one of you is probably going to quit.

  1. Worse results

If instead of working you flirt all day, text each other constantly or have 3 hour long lunches your work and deadlines are going to suffer. Not to mention your colleagues or your boss is going to notice and at the end one of you will have to quit.

  1. Promotion in danger

If your relationship is official, chances are that it’s going to stop you promotion perspective. Why? Because despite official statements love at work is seen as unprofessional and unfortunately stops your career for a while.

  1. You quit or you get fired

There are companies which don’t accept any relationships at work. In these cases, even if your relationship is great, one of you might still be forced to leave or get fired.


What do you think about relationships at work?

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