Esercitati a negoziare un accordo in inglese: le frasi più rilevanti

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Esercitati a negoziare un accordo in inglese_le frasi più rilevanti - Wall Street EnglishNegoziare un accordo è uno dei compiti più difficili in ambito business. Imparare a farlo in inglese, cosa necessaria se operi in un contesto internazionale, è ancora più arduo. All’interno del Business English esiste un sotto linguaggio specifico dedicato proprio a questo ambito: scopriamo insieme i vocaboli più utili e le frasi più rilevanti dell’English for Negotiations.

Piccolo vocabolario della negoziazione in inglese

Prima di tutto vogliamo fornirti un piccolo vocabolario contenente i termini fondamentali per negoziare in inglese: 


  • To bargain: negoziare, discutere le condizioni di un accordo. Esempio: You can’t bargain with him, he’s very inflexible.
  • Bottom line: aspetto, fattore più importante. Esempio: The bottom line is that we cannot raise both salaries and bonuses.
  • Alternative: alternativa. Esempio: Let’s consider the alternatives before deciding on the best candidate for this position.
  • Collective: collettivo, di tutti. Esempio: This is a collective concern, and it isn't fair to discuss it without Marie present.
  • Compensate: compensare (la perdita di qualcosa). Esempio: If you are willing to work ten extra hours a week we will compensate you by paying you overtime.
  • Comply: essere d’accordo, accettare una proposta. I'd be willing to comply if you can offer me my own private office.
  • To reach consensus: raggiungere un accordo. Esempio: After a really long debate, they managed to reach consensus on the issue of sick leave.
  • Concession: concessione. Esempio: I think we can offer all of these concessions, but not all at once.
  • Counter proposal: controproposta. Esempio: We came with a counter proposal, but they weren’t open to negotiation.
  • Confront: presentare direttamente una questione a qualcuno. Esempio: I confronted my boss about being undervalued, and we're going to talk about things on Monday.


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  • Deadlock: punto morto. Esempio: We reached deadlock quite early in the discussion, because they weren’t willing to listen to our arguments and they didn’t make any counter proposals.
  • Flexible: flessibile. Esempio: We have always been flexible in terms of your working hours.
  • To haggle: mercanteggiare, trattare (spesso sui prezzi). Esempio: We've been haggling over this issue for too long now.
  • Leverage: leva, ciò che ti dà potere nella negoziazione. Esempio: The supermarket chain really wanted that land, but the owner didn’t give in easily. He had a lot of leverage because the position was ideal.
  • Resistance: resistenza, opposizione. Esempio: We didn't expect so much resistance on the final issue.
  • Resolve: finire la trattativa, arrivare a un accordo. Esempio: Before you can resolve your differences you'll both need to calm down.
  • Trade-off: scambio, condizioni offerte in cambio di qualcosa. Esempio: Lower payments over a longer period of time sounded like a fair trade-off until we asked about interest charges.

Frasi per negoziare in inglese

Ora, invece, passiamo ad elencare una serie di frasi utili nelle varie fasi della negoziazione, e in particolare per: 

  • Iniziare la negoziazione

Thanks for coming. 

Now let's get down to business.

Let's begin the discussion with ...

  • Sottolineare un punto importante

My main concern at this stage is ...

The main point I'd like to emphasize ...

The main thing for me is ...

That's/This is an important point.

We need to keep in mind that ... 

  • Fare una proposta

Would you consider ...?

We'd like to make a proposal that will hopefully benefit both sides.

What about if we ...?

Why don't you ...

I think we can accept that ...

  • Accettare un suggerimento

I agree with your suggestion.

That sounds great to us.

I think your proposal is acceptable.

  • Rifiutare una proposta

I have some reservations about…

I'm afraid those conditions are unacceptable because ...

Unfortunately, our position is different from yours.

Your proposal as it stands is not acceptable.

I’m afraid we can’t agree on…

I'm afraid that's out of the question.

I'm afraid that we can not accept your offer because/since...

  • Chiarire un punto della negoziazione

As I understand it, your offer is ...

As I understand it, you're saying that ...

If I understand you correctly, ...

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if I understand you correctly, you are proposing ...

So what you're saying is ... Am I right?

  • Trovare un compromesso

We might be able to work on…, if you could…

We would be ready to make a concession on ...

In exchange for…, would you agree to…?

Provided that you ..., we see no objection to ...

Offering you… is the best we can do right now. However, we’d need your approval on…

Would you be prepared to ... if ...

If you agreed to ... we could reciprocate with ...

We would be willing to consider that.

We have no objection to ...

  • Riassumere gli accordi raggiunti e i punti trattati

Let’s sum this up really quickly to make sure we are on the same page.The main points that have been made are ...

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

I think the members of the group are basically in agreement on the following points ...

I think we've reached an agreement on this issue. We look forward to getting to know you better both socially and professionally.

We are looking forward to exploring opportunities for a profitable business relationship with you.

I think we have meet halfway on this.

Let me try to pull the main threads of this argument together.

Shall we try to sum up the main points of our discussion?

  • Parlare del prosieguo del rapporto/della collaborazione

I'll be in touch again soon with more details.

Let's talk next week and see how things are going.

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